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Product Name : Portable Phlegm Suction Unit

Application : For taking out cough and enable respiration.

1. General

H003-C portable phlegm aspirator designed based on developing orientation of

Similar products at home and abroad is a new generation of oil free lubrication

suction device, which is suitable for use by the patient who has difficulty in phlegm

removal due to illness, coma and operation, as well as for aspirating such liquid as

pus and blood during the clinical practice. It is the commonly applied medical device

for use in the emergency room, operation room, and for nursing in sickroom and home

health care.


2. Structure & Working Principle

·      Oil free lubrication pump applied to keep the environment from being polluted by the oil mist;

·       Lower noise;

·       New style of the embedded liquid holder, square negative pressure meter, and full plastic enclosure;

·       No any positive pressure to be generated during running, to ensure reliable and safe operation;

·       Negative pressure regulating system in stepless adjustment as required;

·       Suitable for first-aid and outdoor go-round for medical treatment because of its features such as small volume, light weight, and easy            to carry about;



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