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Product Name : UVA Panel


one side body full coverage

Application : White Patches,Vitiligo, Psoriasis treatment

Application: Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Atopic Dermatitis, Circumscribed Scleroderma and other skin disorders

Salient features

  1. 4 seven segment LED display Timer
  2. Large bright display are easy to monitor and for viewing from a distance.
  3. Digital display system provided  to set the required time in MM:SS (minutes:Seconds) Format
  4. Feather touch keys provided for easy operation.
  5. Unit  Dimension: 65X65X190  cm
  6. Volumetric Weight after package: 200 Kgs
  7. UV Tubes:
  • Philips Narrowband 100W/10R Tubes
  • Wave length 280-4000nm for  UVA
  • Power: 100 watt
  • Operating Voltage: 220- 240 V AC
  • Tube size: 6 Ft feet.
  • Aluminum reflector (100%)  behind the tubes
  1. Main power supply:
  • 230 V + 10V
  • Power cord: 3m, 6A
  • Two 2 A fuses
  1. Safety Grill for UV tubes.
  2. Wheels provided for easy movement in between the places and also for collapsable mechanism
  3. Handle provided for easy movement.
  4. Body of the entire unit:
  • Made of Mild steel.
  • Color: combination of 7035 (white) and DA gray (gray)
  • Switch provided for manual On/Off
  • Safety earthling at 2 points.
  1. UV Protective Goggle provided to avoid the UV rays.
  2. User manual provided to operate the unit easily.
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