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Product Name : Breast Enhancer - Look your best

Application : Breast enlargement and shaping using vibration technology

Application: Breast enhancement and shaping using vibration technology

  • Unit Dimensions: 105cm(L)X12cm (W)X 4.5cm (D)
  • Belt adjustable from 75 to 105cm
  • Operating Mode: Vibration, Off and Charge
  • Vibration Modes: Strong, Medium, week
  • LED Indications for Unit switched on and charging.
  • Charger: Input Voltage: 230V 50Hz, Output Voltage: 4.5VDC, 600mA
  • Accessories: Charger, Adater Plug and User Manual

 Get Attractive Breasts Naturally

Breast Enhancers Are Specially Designed To Give Regular Massage To Your Breasts To Stimulate Tissues Of Breast Cells. It Has Both Vibration And Magnetic Effects To Activate The Regeneration Of Breast Tissues. It Is A Very Easy And Natural Process To Have Attractive Breasts

TV Teleshopping’s Breast Enhancer comes with bra that is very easy to wear and use in daily life. It give smooth vibrations to breast and makes the tissues relax from the fatigue and then help them regenerate. It increases your bust size and make your breasts look more beautiful and that too in a very simple and easy way. There is no need to spend a lot in different unnatural ways like pills and surgery. Breast enhancer is best way and far more safe and effective than any other method to enhance your breasts.

You may also gift this Breast Enhancer with Bra as it comes in a lovely pink colored velvet box. This breast enhancer is actually a breast massager bra that gently massages your breast, keeps stimulating muscle growth   is actually a very revolutionary product in the industry that has made it easier for women to have the perfect shape of bust they have ever desired.This comes with a very comfortable, underwire covetable bra.

How to use Breast Enhancer with Bra

It is quiet easy to use and can be slipped-on like an ordinary bra. You have to use it 15 minutes a day after which it stops automatically? It has no side effects and contains no adhesive.

Features of Breast Enhancer

Dimensions:34 in x 5.68 in x 2.46 in

Shipping Weight: 670 g

Input Voltage – 3V DC

It is very light weight

Comes fitted in curved shape bra to fit your breast

Easy to use and carry while on the go

It has no side effects

Battery operated and stops after 15 minutes automatically

Softens epidermis of breasts and gives smooth and tender skin.

Makes breast firm and provides good cup shape

 Stimulates good blood circulation and keeps the tissues healthy

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