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Product Name : NB UVB-UV Comb


Ultra Violet Lamp

Application : White Patches,Vitiligo, Psoriasis treatment

Product Name: UV Comb

Model: UV- 311

Category: Dermatology/Skin Treatment

Application: Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Atopic Dermatitis, Circumscribed Scleroderma and other skin disorders

Salient features

  1. Unit  Dimension: 5x 6 x30 cm
  2. After packing :10x38x18cm
  3. Unit Package weight 1.0kg.
  4. Volumetric Weight: 1.4Kgs
  5. Choke:  9 watts.
  6. CFL Lamp single filament:
  • Philips 
  • Wave length 311nm
  • Power: 9 watt
  • 220- 240 V AC
  • Aluminum reflector (100%) backside of lamp.
  1. Main power supply:
  • 230 V + 10V
  • Power cord: 2core,2mtr, 3A
  1. Optical Window Dimensions  10.5x 2.5 cm   
  2.  Detachable Comb attachment.
  3. Body of the entire unit:
  • Light Weight FRP
  • Color: combination of White and Gray.
  • On/Off  Switch for Safety
  1. UV Protective Goggle provided to avoid the UV rays.
  2. Bag provided to keep and carry unit and to avoid the dust.
  3. CFL Lamp to comb attachment tip distance is 3cm.
  4. 28 teeth in 2 rows of 14 each and teeth size is  3mm(Dia) x17mm (Height)
  5. User manual provided to operate the unit easily.